Help Japan with Clean Bottles!

日本の被災地の方々へCLEAN BOTTLEを届けるプロジェクトを長男の幼なじみが立ち上げました。

Help Japan with Clean Bottles!

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Hi everyone,
I'm a college student that will be attending an university in Japan from April.
I will be leaving for Japan on 22nd of March, and I wanted to help out Japan in any way possible.

Food and water is provided to those in need by large scale charity groups and other organizations.
...But the method forces the people to use immediate items such as used water bottles and paper cups to receive them.
In this kind of situation, a clean way to preserve water and lessening trash seems very important.
This is where the Clean Bottles come in ( Easy to clean, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and 10% of their profit will go to more charity so it will help out even more.

I will be buying the bottles by the 21st.

I will be directly taking the bottles to Japan to hand them out to those in need.
Donations will be accepted via my paypal account on, and any questions regarding will be answered through this event's wall or through my email.
If you can't directly help I understand, but please spread this to your friends. I would appreciate it very much.

I will be reporting the amount of donations daily